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s3condstar's Journal

S3condstar Icon Community
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Icons, Layouts and more...


1. No haters and no bashing! Leave rude comments towards the maker or person the icon is of, to yourself!
3. Keep your icons clean, I don't think this should be an issue at all, though.
4. Please mantain your icons, you can create a neat HTML box to put your icons in by using this.
5. Make sure to try and post atleast once a week, just to keep current.
6. If you're interested in becoming a maker, please enter here.
7. No hotlinking!
8. Please credit the maker if you decide to use any icons here, stealing is not allowed.
9. No icons are bases unless stated otherwise, altering coloring and stealing specific styles is considered graphic thievery!
10. Comments are also suggested if taking.

Profile Credit = minty_peach

Past Base Code Credit = gigiicons